Thugs threaten straphanger

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Tainted train

Two thugs robbed a man on a Brooklyn-bound N train as it left the New Utrecht Avenue station on March 3.

The victim told police that he was on the train near the 62nd Station at 2:30 am when he was approached by the two evildoers.

“Give me your iPhone and wallet, or otherwise you will get hurt,” one of the goons barked. The victim wasn’t looking for trouble and handed over the goods without a fight.

Cigarette crook

A gun-wielding goon in a hockey mask robbed a bodega on 86th Street on March 1.

The employee of the grocery store between Bay 20th Street and 19th Avenue told police that the thug walked in at around 2 am, demanding cash and cigarettes. The victim refused at first, but when the crook lifted up his shirt, revealing a black handgun tucked into his waistband, the victim gave in, handing over $1,000 and a bag containing about 90 boxes of cigarettes, also worth around $1,000.

Getting the boot

A boot-wielding moron assaulted a cop on Avenue U on March 5.

The officer was near W. Fourth Street at around 3:30 pm where she was issuing a summons to a driver in a black 2006 BMW. She said that’s when a man came out of nowhere, told her, “I’ll find you,” threw his boot at her, hitting her in the leg, and then took off in his car.

Cash grab

A thief robbed a 17th Avenue apartment on March 2, taking cash, documents, and jewelry.

Cops said the crook entered the apartment between 83rd and 84th streets through the front door sometime after 7 am, taking $1,823, a U.S. passport and assorted jewelry.

Grocery goon

Someone entered a 17th Avenue bodega overnight on Feb. 29, taking cash from the register.

The thief used a key to enter the grocery store between 78th and 79th streets at around 9:30 pm, police discovered after reviewing surveillance footage of the crime. The intruder went straight for the register, and took $400 before fleeing.

Pay day

A burglar broke into an 85th Street apartment on Feb. 28, taking cash and jewelry.

The victim told cops that the crook broke through the front door of the residence between 23rd and 24th avenues sometime after 9:30 am, taking $2,500 and jewelry.

Register wrangling

A thief stole cash and a register from a 15th Avenue supermarket on Feb. 27.

Cops said surveillance footage showed that the suspect entered the grocery store between 78th and 79th streets through a side window at 5:17 am, taking the register and the $700 inside.

The crook escaped, but police later found the register discarded along 15th Avenue.

— Colin Mixson

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