Toilet seat lifted: Thief does something nasty in W’burg bar bathroom

Toilet seat lifted: Thief does something nasty in W’burg bar bathroom
Photo by Elizabeth Graham

You don’t want to take this sitting down.

A thief stole the toilet seat from Lighthouse BK last Wednesday night in a bizarre bathroom heist that left the owners of the Williamsburg restaurant and bar frustrated, confused, and with a wider pot to well, you know the bit.

Assaf Tamir, co-owner of the Borinquen Place establishment, made the shocking discovery after he and his sister Naama closed up shop for the night.

“He came out of the bathroom and asked me what happened to the toilet seat,” said Naama. “It was missing in action.”

The seat was no ordinary white ceramic donut — it was wood with brass fixtures that apparently caught the attention of a thieving bathroom-goer, according to the restaurateur.

“I doubt it would just walk away,” said Naama.

Whoever took the toilet seat did not damage the commode during the heist, though the perp did leave some washers at the scene.

The pair posted about the loss to their loo on their Facebook page the following morning, partially in an attempt to find out who was behind the lavatory larceny, but mainly just to vent.

Thankfully the eatery boasts a second bathroom, albeit smaller, that accommodated patrons until staffers replaced the seat before the dinner rush last Thursday.

The missing seat would not have put the Tamirs afoul of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene — code states that restaurants that seat more than 19 must have toilets, but there is no rule requiring those johns to have seats.

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Backing it up: Assaf Tamir, an owner of the Lighthouse in Williamsburg, installed a new toilet seat after a potty-minded patron stole the old one.
Photo by Elizabeth Graham