Parks and wreck: Toppled tree blocks Prospect Park’s East Drive

FDNY inspect the toppled tree on Prospect Park’s East Drive.
Photo by Colin Mixson

Runners and cyclists in Prospect Park were forced to take an unexpected detour on Thursday after a more than 30-foot-tall tree fell clear across the greenspace’s East Drive.

The tree, a sycamore maple, plummeted across the park’s main running thoroughfare at around 2 pm, according to officials with the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation.

The city botanists suspect the tree, which toppled amid Thursday’s mild winds, was felled as a result of the heavy winds and rain that descended on Brooklyn earlier this week. 

First responders were seen cordoning off the fallen maple with caution tape a few minutes after it came to rest over the roadway, but local athletes were able to continue their jogs after taking a brief detour through the woods located on either side of the street. 

A spokeswoman for the Parks Department said the tree would be chopped up and carted off by the end of the day.