Totally loco fight at Zocalo

Corona fight

Three perps beat two customers inside a bar on Broadway on Jan. 22.

The perps approached their victims inside Zocalo Restaurant at 3:45 am and began to punch them in the face.

The fight then escalated when one thug shouted, “Tu tambien quieres?” and smashed a beer bottle and over another man’s head.

The thug took $600 from the first victim, while another perp told his pal, “Note metas” — don’t get involved — before the hooligans fled.

Bottle burg

A thief stole nearly $10,000 worth of spirits from a Bedford Avenue liquor store overnight on Jan. 20.

A store employee at The Bottle Shoppe at S. First Street told cops that she closed the store at 11 pm, and returned 13 hours later to find that the basement gate lock was broken and 11 cases of Moet Chandon, five cases of whiskey, and 17 cases of vodka were missing.

Tips about the missing liquor can be made by calling (718) 260-2500, and asking for “the editorial department.”

Bottle rocket

A thug threw a big liquor bottle during a fight inside a S. Fifth Street club on Jan. 23, hitting a woman.

Cops say that two patrons were arguing inside the Le Flor nightclub near Marcy Avenue at 3:40 am, when one grabbed a bottle of Hennessey and threw it into the crowd, hitting one woman.


A perp stole a woman’s phone on Broadway on Jan. 20, then sold it back to her in a bizarre denouement.

The victim was on the J train at around 11 am when the perp approached her and took her phone. After the train pulled into the Hewes Street station, she followed the perp down the stairs before he turned on her and threatened, “Dinero! Dinero! Give me my money and I will give you your phone.”

They made the exchange and he fled.

Four days earlier, a perp took an iPhone from a woman on the same train as it pulled into the same station. This incident was at 2 pm.

Minivan maxipain

A perp grabbed a woman and tried to force her in a mini van near McKibbin Street, but settled on robbing her on Jan. 12.

The perp asked the woman for directions near White Street at 5 pm, before grabbing her shoulder and dragging her into the van, saying, “Get in. I’m not going to rape you.”

The perp demanded cash and her video camera before letting her go.

Teen terror

Two perps robbed and choked a 14-year-old boy on Manhattan Avenue on Jan. 21.

One perp asked the boy for the time, which was 9:40 pm. Seconds later, the other perp slipped behind and began choking the victim as the first thug screamed, “Run your pockets!”

The boy gave up the cash and the perps fled.

Burg burg

There were at least two burglaries last week. Here’s a roundup:

• A thief stole two cameras and an iPod charger from a S. Fourth Street apartment overnight on Jan. 19.

• A thief stole 27 door handles and 50 copper pipes from a Meserole Street construction site on Jan. 19.

Wheel bad

At least three vehicles were also swiped:

• A perp stole a Toyota Highlander from Hewes Street near S. Second Street after 5:30 am on Jan. 22.

• A perp took a Suzuki motorcycle from S. 10th Street at Wythe Avenue after 9 pm on Jan. 22.

• A thief took a Toyota Sienna from Hewes Street near Marcy Avenue after 11 am on Jan. 19.