Towering animal sculptures take over B’Bridge Plaza

Towering animal sculptures take over B’Bridge Plaza
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

Octopus and orangutan and eagle — oh my!

Twenty-four foot likenesses of the a mollusc, a great ape, and a bird of prey towered over a paved section of Brooklyn Bridge Park last weekend as part of a temporary exhibit, and one Brooklyn Heights resident who witnessed the larger-than-life critters said they stopped her in her tracks.

“The sculptures powered over me. They were spectacular,” said Alison Blackman. “It was like selfie heaven! I’m sure people were standing in front of them taking pictures.”

The menagerie was installed in the public space by Lysol, along with information about how each species cares for its kids. The weekend-long exhibit — part of a campaign by the corporation that examines maternal instincts of all creatures great and small — was a reminder of the important role a mother of any species plays in her child’s life, according to Blackman.

“Some animals do remarkable things to protect their kids,” said Blackman. “That’s a really positive message, that mothers care for their families.”