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Toys 101

This is the kind of thing you can get at a Passion Party.

Prospect Heights mom Claire Cavanah is opening a toy store in Park Slope on Tuesday, but the gadgets, books and DVDs are just for the adults.

Among the bestsellers at Babeland — she already has award-winning locations of her sex retail biz in Seattle and Manhattan — are vibrators, which range in price from JimmyJane’s Form 6 ($175, pictured) — Cavanah says it’s the “zenith of sex toy design” — to the portable Babeland Aqua Wand at $20 — “that you can take with you into the shower!”

Cavanah maintains that Babeland is perfect for the DeGraw Street area because it’s “sophisticated, down-to-earth and friendly,” like her company.

“We belong here,” said Cavanah, of the biz she shares with co-owner Rachel Venning. “Our market is geared more toward women than men — not that we don’t have men as customers — but women are underserved by this industry. That’s why we created our company 15 years ago. It’s a place where we would want to shop and our friends would like to shop.”

Babeland sells everything from its own line of bath and body products, to erotica and how-to books, to classic pornographic films such as “The Opening of Misty Beethoven.”

The duo, who authored their own book together (“Sex Toys 101” — what else?), will also offer workshops and book signings in their 650-square-foot store.

“We have a strong component of sex education for adults,” said Cavanah, who will host a “Sexy Moms Welcome Night,” on June 24. “We came across so much curiosity about different aspects of sexuality that we created our own workshop program.”

Babeland opens at 462 Bergen St. between Flatbush and Fifth avenues in Park Slope on June 3, from noon to 8 pm. The store accepts American Express, MasterCard and Visa. For more information, call (718) 638-3820 or visit www.babeland.com.

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