Trash-talking fiend punches woman and swipes her jewelry

76th Precinct

Carroll Gardens-Cobble Hill–Red Hook

Lost sparkle

A foul-mouthed fiend punched a woman repeatedly in the face and swiped her jewelry on Centre Mall on May 29.

The woman told police she was standing between Hicks and Columbia streets at 12:50 am when the nogoodnick came up to her and started cursing. He punched her in the face a few times and she fell to the ground, and then he punched her again, and they started fighting, police said.

The villain grabbed her yellow metal cross necklace with white stones, a white metal heart pendant necklace, and another white metal chain and walked away, according to authorities.

Rode into their arrest

Police arrested a 27-year-old woman and a 24-year-old man who they say stole Citi Bikes from someone who had legally rented the two-wheelers on Atlantic Avenue on May 27 — and then rode the bikes on the sidewalk.

The two suspects allegedly took the bikes from their respectful renters, where they were last signed out near Bedford Avenue and Nassau Street at 11:14 am that day, police reported.

The suspects then rode the bikes on the pavement to Clinton Avenue at 7:27 pm, where cops slapped them in irosn, according to authorities.

Pirates of the Carroll Gardens: On stranger Tides

Two knaves stole a bunch of laundry detergent from a Smith Street store on May 30, police said.

The two thieves, a man and woman, entered the store between Union and President streets at 6:10 pm and filled up their shopping cart with 20 bottles of Tide laundry detergent, and left the store without paying.

Schoolroom brawl

Two 14-year-old girls got into an argument in a classroom at their Baltic Street school, when one punched and scratched the other on May 25.

The victim told police she was sitting in class between Hoyt and Smith streets at 2:20 pm when they started squabbling, and the other student punched her. The attacker also scratched the victim above her eye and on her chest, police said.

No class

A snake grabbed a teen’s phone after he had left it on a desk of his classroom at Conover Street school on May 26.

The victim told police he stepped out of the classroom and left his iPhone 6S on his desk in the school between Dikeman and Wolcott streets at 12:30 pm. When he came returned, some delinquent had swiped the gadget, according to authorities.

— Julianne Cuba

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