Travel Hacks, Trends, Tips, and Gear for 2024 

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Young man packing a lot of clothes into one suitcase
Young man packing a lot of clothes into one suitcase and looking at the camera isolated on white

Remember the “revenge travel “ trend? After being pent up for two years during COVID, people were traveling everywhere and anywhere — at all times. That trend has dissipated, but in its wake there are new trends.

Here’s what spring/summer 2024 has in store for the domestic and global travel industry — along with some travel hacks and tips to help navigate them.

Travel Trends

It’s getting personal: More people are requesting tailor-made travel experiences.

“Today people want to create interest-specific, individually tailored trips that allow them to fully immerse in the destination’s culture, people, and traditions,” said Peter Vazan, EVP of industry relations at Trevolution Group.

That means hidden-gem spots and passion-centered activity/wellness retreats, culinary, art, history or hiking tours, authentic local experiences, cultural trips and long-haul adventures. Think mythical Ireland, or mystical Iceland.

“We’re seeing more bookings for silent tourism,” said Lauren Gumport, VP of communications and brand at Faye Travel Insurance. “Traveling to secluded retreats/resorts, sleep retreats, quiet hotels, silent walking tours. All in the name of not speaking for extended periods of time as a way to work on health and wellness.”

Other travel insurance carriers include Visitors Coverage, Travelex Insurance Coverage, WithFaye, and InsureMyTrips

In our household of kiddos, a quiet hotel is just not in the cards — although I can still dream. 


Samsonite Hardside Spinner Wheel Luggage 

A 20″ carry-on and 24″ checked hardside with Spinner Wheels. We like the interior blouse to keep garments from looking like castaway garb. Built-in shoe pockets in the carry-on are helpful. Both pieces can expand up to 1.5 inches of extra space. 

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2-Piece Pullover Jogger Set

This soft rib-knit tracksuit is great for long flights. The loose fit is designed to contour perfectly to your body, giving you a streamlined look. Made of high quality of ribbed knit fabric is very skin-friendly with high elasticity.

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Casual Button Down Wrinkle Free Long Sleeve Shirt

COOFANDY men’s wrinkle free stretch long sleeve button down shirts are made from breathable fabric. Wrinkle-free, moisture-wicking, and quick-dry, great for long flights. With so many color choices, its versatile style can be worn for many daily looks and you’ll never face coming up with wardrobe ideas anymore.

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JBL Vibe Beam True Wireless Earbuds

Bring your sound everywhere. With up to 32 total hours of battery life, the splash and dust resistant JBL Vibe Beam hands-free stereo calls will always be crystal clear, while Smart Ambient technology keeps you aware of your surroundings. And when you need an extra boost, you can speed charge two additional hours of power in just 10 minutes

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More travel trends 

Artificial Intelligence: AI is changing the world (and as the Nvidea stock has skyrocketed, I’ve missed another stock rally), and it will get better at generating destination recommendations, efficient flight bookings, and personalized itinerary planning services in a matter of seconds.

“Other advances in technology, such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence, may play a big part in enhancing the overall travel experience,” said luxury travel expert Kat Fleischman. “The rise in VR to check out a location before even going there and helping with the planning phase has become increasingly more common.”

Getting deals: I’m always looking to cut travel costs, and this year will be no different. I’m hearing that cheaper destination alternatives (“travel dupes”) are gaining popularity. Traveling off-season, planning well in advance, taking advantage of reward programs and looking for all-inclusive deals are just some of the ways to enjoy an upscale vacation for less without sacrificing comfort. 

Check for deals on Trip.com, CheapAir, FlightGurus, CheapFlightFares, Kiwi, Booking.com, and CheapOAir

What is “bleisure”? It can involve planning a work trip with some free time activities before or after working hours. Or it can also mean a few days on the beach after a conference or enjoying a city break on the weekend before a big meeting that doesn’t require taking any extra days off.

The Bleisure travel trend will get even more attention in the year ahead. 

Sustainability: “It has been a hot topic for the past few years, but now actions are finally starting to speak louder than words,” said Trevolution Group’s Peter Vazan. Today’s vacationers want to explore the world in a more responsible manner to reduce environmental impact and help local communities as part of their travel experience. That ranges from checking your flight’s CO2 levels to doing volunteer work and supporting the local economy while exploring a new holiday destination. 


Travel Hanging Toiletry Bag

TSA-approved transparent toiletry bag follows the 3-1-1 regulations for easy and quick to pass-through airport security. You can put your make-up, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste and so on, all in one place. 

Travel Hacks and Travel Tips

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16 Pack Vacuum Space Saver Bags

Reduce original volume by 80%. Includes 4 jumbo, 4 large, 4 medium and 4 small bags for clothes storage with travel hand pump. Takes only a minute to seal. You’ll be able to pack more options, additional shoes and accessories, or even do carry-on only, saving you money on your flight ticket. 

Travel Hacks and Travel Tips

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Travel packing tips

I asked travel expert and founder of Love and London, Jessica Dante, for some advice on packing for long flights. 

Space bags: Looking to fit 10 pounds into a five-pound piece of luggage? Two words: Space Bags. “You can push the air out of them so you can compress your clothing and reduce the bulk by as much as 80%,” said Jessica. “The best part is they’re reusable and you can store dirty laundry in them until you get home.”

Roll ‘em up: Jessica also advises rolling up any dresses or shirts that are prone to creases. “By carefully rolling you’ll avoid creating creases and they can slot easier next to your Space Bags to fill in a couple of gaps you might have in your luggage.”

She says when you get to your destination, unroll the items and ideally hang them up to let gravity sort out any little kinks in the fabric — “works every time and no iron is required.” 

Perfect for business travelers or if you are attending a wedding or event out of town or abroad and need formal clothing and are in a hurry. I would also not use the main compartment for bulky items such as socks or underwear, definitely use any side or front zips or pockets to save valuable space.

Don’t put all of your items in one place. “If your suitcase goes missing in transit then you don’t want to be left hung out to dry by not having any clean underwear or a toothbrush,” said Jessica. If you are traveling with another person — or if you have a carry-on bag — then put a few spare essential items in your carryon or in their bag, just in case. “If anything gets lost you know you at least have some key items with you.”

Pack using the 5 4 3 2 1 rule: Think 5 tops, 4 bottoms (you can mix this up, i.e jeans, shorts etc), 3 types of footwear and 2 accessories (either for the weather or to dress up in) and finally 1 evening outfit.


Extra Large Backpack

The 17.3 inch, TSA-approved extra large travel backpack professional has 17+ independent pockets for large storage and organization for small items. Three spacious main compartments have many hidden pockets. A travel laptop backpack comes with a built-in USB charger inside — a more convenient way to charge your phone while walking.  The TSA-friendly lay-flat design will speed you through airport security. Exclusively designed for airplane travel. 

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KeySmart SmartCard Thin Wallet Luggage Tracker Card 

The world’s thinnest smart wallet, luggage and phone finding tracking card. Works with Apple Find My App and iOS devices. Get notified when you leave it behind and Lost Mode helps you get it back. The Apple Find My app proactively prevents you from losing your wallet or ID card by sending notifications to your iPhone, CarPlay, or AirPods if you leave your KeySmart Card behind. 

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Soft Travel Blanket and Pillow

The soft airplane blanket comes with a soft and small micro plush carrying case, which can be used as a pillow. The travel blanket case has an attached soft belt, and includes a backpack carabiner clip to attach to a backpack.

Travel Hacks, Travel Tips

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Rechargeable Toothbrush 

The Aquasonic Icon ADA-Accepted Rechargeable Toothbrush comes with a magnetic holder and slim travel case with 2 brushing modes and smart timers. The magnetic holder stores the toothbrush and the slim travel case protects toothbrush during travel and storage. Choose between soft or intense brushing modes and the smart timer automatically shuts off. Reusable silicone handle is made of durable and hygienic material for comfortable grip. 

Travel Hacks, Travel Tips

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What are the best seats for your needs?

If you book a cheaper flight, you might not have the ability to choose your seat. But if you do have the option, you might want to seek out increased comfort, more privacy, improved accessibility, enhanced safety, and views of the world.

If you do have the ability to choose your seta, find out what type of plane you’ll be flying and go to a website like SeatGuru. It can tell you details about legroom and whether the seat reclines or has a misaligned window. 

I asked travel expert and founder of Love and London, Jessica Dante, about the best — and worst — seats to book on a flight. 

First-Row Seats for Flying with an Infant: When flying economy for a long trip, legroom is a commodity. So if you can get the first row of seats — do it. You can park a carry cot there, and it’s great if you have kids and need privacy so they can spill cheerios or vomit without judgment from fellow passengers. 

“Also, you’ll be first to get drinks/refreshments too — handy when you need to ask for hot water or milk. Even if you have to pay a bit extra to book these front-row seats in advance, it can be worth all of that extra room, which is generally comparable to what you get in Premium Economy.”

Front of the Plane (FOP) for Connecting Flights: With FOP, you’ll get in and out of the plane before anyone else — a bit of VIP treatment and a way to alleviate stress of connecting flights. Also, those seated in the front of the plane are usually served food and drinks before others.

Middle and Overwing Rows for smooth ride: Seats over the wing normally offer the smoothest ride — ideal for people who get anxiety during takeoff, landing, or who freak out from turbulence. Opting for the middle aisle over the wing gives a more stable experience, which can also be helpful for those prone to motion sickness. 

Additionally, selecting a seat with a view of the flight attendants allows passengers to assess their surroundings when feeling anxious, observing from a distance the calm demeanor of the crew as they go about their jobs easily.

Aisle Seats for legs: For anyone needing extra legroom without sacrificing the ability to recline, the aisle seat is an excellent choice. Passengers can stretch their legs into the aisle and even lift the armrest for additional space. 

Moreover, it is more convenient to get up, use the restroom, or move around during the flight compared to other locations on the plane. Seats with extra legroom near the emergency exit are also highly sought after and it might be worth the extra cost to secure those if you’re quite tall.

Worst seats

Last Row: If you plan to catch some sleep during your flight, avoid the last row of economy seats. They often lack the ability to recline, being against the wall, making them uncomfortable and confining. This becomes even more stressful if you have a connecting flight, as you’ll likely be among the last to disembark.

Bulkhead Seats: If you have personal items that need to be stowed under your seat, it’s best to avoid bulkhead seats since you can’t keep your stuff with you during takeoff and landing.

The Galley: Galley locations can vary, being in the front, back, or middle of the aircraft. They tend to be noisier due to flight crews’ activities, including chatter, passenger inquiries, and preparation tasks. These can be particularly annoying to lots of people on long flights, preventing you from fully relaxing and switching off. You are also more susceptible to getting your elbows knocked with increased traffic.

Back of the Plane: The back of the plane tends to experience more pronounced bumps, making it less favorable for passengers nervous about turbulence.


Hidden Travel Money Belt for Men & Bra Wallet for Women

Ideal for tourist destinations, bustling marketplaces, airports, buses, or a night out. Concealed money storage nearly invisible to potential thieves. Featuring a hidden money pouch for travel, it boasts a Secure Connector Clasp and double Snap closure. Designed for wearing under clothing. Double-stitched seams prevent tears and rips, it can be machine or hand-washed for easy cleaning.

Travel Hacks, Travel Tips

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Hair Dryer Brush 

Designed for busy professionals, travelers, and moms on the go. Heats up in just 30 seconds. With a 360° swivel cord for tangle-free, creates your ideal hairstyle from any angle. This hot air brush could help you get salon quality on the road.Travel Hacks, Travel Tips

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Downy Instant Wrinkle Release Spray

The days of arriving at your destination with a suitcase full of wrinkled clothes are over. Here’s the trick: the formula relaxes the fibers of your clothes, smoothing out even the most stubborn wrinkles. Great for business trips. 

Travel Hacks, Travel Tips

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More Travel Hacks

Book a flight early in the day — or a red eye: You’re more likely to depart on time. I read that the US Department of Transportation says the most on-time flights are booked between 6am and 8am. 

Check prices a few months in advance: Summer trip? Start looking now. Check GoogleFlights.com, which has a calendar layout where you can input your destination and then click for best prices. It will also let you know if the current price is a good deal. 

It also has a neat emissions indicator that will tell you how much CO2 your plane will be spilling into the atmosphere. Note: Check out the Bags filter in the site to see how much additional fees will be for checking luggage. 

Book a month or two in advance: There’s no best day to book a flight — deals come and go all the time. Set up a deal alert through Google Flights and when you get a ping about your destination — jump on it. 

Credits: If your airline drops the price of your flight after you booked, you might be able to get a credit. Call them. 

Download the airline app: Not only can you use it to check in before you get the airport, but it’ll track your bags and tell you where your connection gates are. Major stress relief. 


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