Trump Eyeing Brooklyn?

The Donald has his eye on Brooklyn.

Jealous that The Bruce (as in Ratner) is getting lots of attention for his Frank Gehry-designed Atlantic Yards Xanadu, Donald Trump now says he’s eyeing projects in the land of his youth.

“My dad always jokes that he spent years to get out of Brooklyn [where Trump Sr. was born and raised], and now look at what’s going on there,” Donald Trump Jr. told City Scoops, a new Manhattan publication.

“That Ratner project is very interesting and a huge undertaking. Brooklyn is now a very viable market … and we think that there is potential for us there. Maybe not now, but down the road. Something along the waterfront would be great.”

The Trumps already have buildings on the west bank of the Hudson, so why not expand into the east bank of the East River?

Indeed, the Donald himself told the magazine that he was thinking about it.

“We’ve definitely looked at Brooklyn and have most definitely been approached,” the Big Man told the magazine. “But nothing that would merit the Trump name so far.”

He wouldn’t say more, but the imagination reels.

Trump Army Plaza, anyone?