Two seniors robbed and scammed

Halloween horror

A 66-year-old woman was robbed at gunpoint by a thug at the corner of Colonial Road and 86th street on Halloween at around 1 pm.

The senior told cops that she had just parked her car when a dark-colored sedan pulled up, and a gunman exited and said, “Give me your bag.”

The scared senior did as she was told and then watched the robber get back into his ride and drive away.

She told cops that her silver-colored purse contained cash, cards and keys.

Queasy money

Someone scammed a 79-year-old lady out of nearly $5,000 on Oct. 25 near her Shore Road apartment.

The senior victim told cops that a chubby jerk approached her outside her home, which is between 90th and 91st streets, at around 12:45 pm and told her that he found a box filled with $300,000.

He said he wanted to share the dough with her as long as she paid him $5,000 up front.

The gullible geezer agreed and went inside to get her savings. But the scammer ran off as soon as she handed over the cash.

Club calamity

Two thugs roughed up and robbed a pair of twentysomethings who were partying at the 93 Lounge on Oct. 30.

The injured victims told cops that they did not know the perps at the 93rd Street club, which is between Third and Fourth avenues. One of the jerks started the altercation at around 3:40 am by punching the first victim in the face. He then stole his cellphone.

Then the other perp sliced the second victim’s face with a razor. Both thugs fled after doing their dirty deeds.

Un-Lucky 99
A thief swiped $4,400 from Lucky 99 convenience store on Fifth Avenue overnight on Oct. 26.

Cops say that the perp pried open the door lock of the discount shop, which is between 81st and 82nd streets, to break in and grab the cash sometime before 9 am.

— Alex Rush