Update: Woman returns dog she recovered after it escaped Williamsburg home

A woman picked up Yorkie Bella who was wandering on the corner of S. Third Street and Wythe Avenue on Aug. 26 around 6:30 p.m. She looked to see if there was an owner around before heading west on S. Third Street.
Gloria Rivera

A woman returned an escaped dog to her owner after she spotted the canine wandering outside its Williamsburg home Monday night.

The woman scooped up 7-year-old Yorkshire terrier Bella after she escaped from the gated front yard of her owner’s Wythe Avenue home near S. Third Street at around 6:30 p.m. on Aug. 26, and returned the furball Tuesday evening to the relief of its owner.

“I thought that she would have been gone forever so I’m happy and I want to thank that person from the bottom of my heart to prove to me that there’s still good people in this world,” said Gloria Rivera.

Rivera believes her four-legged friend initially slipped out of her front door as she was carrying groceries inside, and surveillance footage shows Bella gallivanting around her front yard, before slipping through a gate and venturing onto the sidewalk, where the good Samaritan passed by the wandering pooch, only to return shortly after and snatch her up.

The woman stuck around for a few minutes while holding the dog and talking to passersby, before heading west on S. Third Street.

Her boyfriend apparently saw social media posts looking for Bella and the couple contacted Rivera Tuesday evening and brought her back around 5 p.m.

Rivera, who has another male Yorkie named Rebel, said that she will install wire mesh around her fence and will chip both dogs to prevent further mishaps — but for now is just happy that Bella’s benefactor returned the pooch unharmed.

“They brought back a lot of happiness to my life and I want to thanks them for,” she said.

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Returned: Yorkshire terrier Bella was returned to her owner Tuesday evening by a woman who had scooped her up when she saw the dog wandering outside its Williamsburg home the evening before.
Gloria Rivera

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