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Vicious knife attack on Adams Street

84th Precinct

Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Brutal assault

A thug stabbed a woman three times in a vicious attack on Adams Street on March 4.

The victim told police she was near the Fulton Street at 5 am when the crook stopped her, whipped out a knife and said, “Give me your purse and your phone.” The woman complied, but the thief punched her in the face anyway — and then stabbed her three times in before fleeing.

Cut and dry

Three knife-wielding thugs robbed a man on Bergen Street on March 10.

The victim said he was near Bond Street at midnight when the men stopped him. One of them flashed a knife and said, “Give me your wallet.” The man handed it over and the crooks fled.

Gunpoint stickup

A gun-toting crook robbed a high school student on Tillary Street on March 9.

The victim told cops he was near Jay Street at 5:30 pm when the crook stopped him and said, “Whatever you have — money, phone — give it up.” The teen handed over $10 and the thug ran away.

Punch out

A thug stole a teenager’s cellphone after punching him in the face on Smith Street on March 5.

The teen told police he was near Warren Street at 3 pm when the man punched him and stole his phone.

Beauty bust

A would-be thief was arrested for trying to steal nail polish from a Jay Street beauty salon on March 11, according to police.

The store’s owner said the alleged crook entered the shop between Willoughby Street and Fulton Street at 4 pm, and tried leaving 50 minutes later without paying for a $6 bottle of pink nail polish. The store’s security guard stopped her and called the police, who arrested a suspect.

Subway robbery

A knife-wielding thief robbed a sleeping straphanger at the Borough Hall subway station on March 9.

The victim said she was asleep on a Crown Heights-bound 2 train at the station near Joralemon and Court streets at 4:20 am when the thug grabbed her phone, cut her hand with a knife, and ran out of the train car.

Break in

Someone stole equipment from a Livingston Street electronics store on March 10.

The store’s owner said he locked the shop between Bond Street and Hanover Place at midnight on March 9. When he opened the shop at 11 am the next day, the basement door was open and the computer, a monitor, and a power saw were missing.

Printer problem

A crook stole a printer from a Wyckoff Street home on March 5.

The victim said she left her house between Court and Smith streets at 12:45 pm. When she returned at 4 pm, the front door was open and her $695 printer was gone.

Cell snatch

A thief stole a woman’s cellphone on Myrtle Avenue on March 11.

The victim said she was near Flatbush Avenue Extension at 9 am when the crook grabbed the device and ran off.


A crook swiped a woman’s purse from the Fulton Street McDonald’s on March 7.

The victim said she entered the restaurant near Hoyt Street at 5 pm and left the purse at her table while she ordered food. When she returned minutes later, her wallet was missing from her purse.

Car theft

A thief stole a car parked on Nassau Street sometime overnight on March 2.

The car’s owner said she left her vehicle near Gold Street at 10 pm on March 2. When she returned the next day at 12:40 pm, the car was no longer there.

Auto swipe

A crook stole a car parked on Bond Street on March 1.

The car’s owner said he parked the vehicle near Schermerhorn Street at 11 am. When he returned three hours later, it was gone.

— Daniel Bush

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