Villain assaults cyclist

76th Precinct

Carroll Gardens-Cobble Hill–Red Hook

Cyclist puncher

A brute assaulted a cyclist on President Street on Dec. 17.

The victim told police that she was riding her bike near Court Street at 7:20 pm when the malefactor cut her off and hit her with his side mirror.

The two then got into an argument and the wretch kicked the woman’s bike, punched her in the side of the face, and fled towards Clinton Street, according to cops.

TV thief

A sneak thief stole a man’s television on Columbia Street on Dec. 10.

The victim told police he was moving and left his television in the hallway of his building near Dwight Street at 9:20 am for no more than five minutes, and when he came back to it, it was gone.

F train filcher

A pickpocket stole a man’s phone and wallet on the F train on Dec. 14.

The victim was on a Coney Island-bound train when a man bumped into him as the train was approaching the Carroll Street station around 5:30 pm.

He later noticed when he reached his stop at the Smith–Ninth Street station that his phone and wallet were missing.

— Kevin Duggan