Violent attack in Lorimer Street subway station

94th Precinct


Wallet wall

A brute pushed a woman against a wall and stole her wallet in an early morning attack in the Lorimer Street subway station on June 9.

The victim told police she entered the station near Metropolitan Avenue at 1:30 am when the crook grabbed her neck, shoved her against a wall, and said, “Just give it to me.”

He grabbed her wallet, and pushed her toward the turnstile, saying, “just keep going,” before he fled.

Give it

A thug stole a man’s headphones and keys on Skillman Avenue in the early morning of on June 4.

The victim told police he was near his Graham Avenue apartment at 2:50 am when the goon approached him and said, “Give me all your s—.”

When the man refused the thief rifled through his pockets, grabbed his stuff, and said, “I’ll see you.”

Bag job

Someone shattered the window of a car parked on N. 12th Street in the early morning of June 9 — and took off with a backpack left inside.

The driver said she parked her car near Kent Avenue at 3:08 am, but when she returned five minutes later, her front passenger-side window was broken and her bag was missing.

Searching for trouble

Two ruffians beat up a man on Manhattan Avenue on June 10 — and broke his phone as he tried to call for help.

The victim was near Norman Avenue at 5:40 am when the goons approached him and one punched him in the face, he told cops.

He followed the duo and tried to call 911, so one attacker turned around and tried to grab his phone, while his accomplice punched and kicked him to the ground, causing the phone to drop and shatter.

Vespa vanished

A thief drove off with a Vespa parked on Humboldt Street sometime between June 5 and 7.

The driver parked her motorcycle near Herbert Street at 5 pm on June 5, but when she returned at 4:30 pm on June 7, her vehicle was missing.


A vandal smashed the window of a car parked on Bayard Sreet on June 8 — and stole an iPod and wallet he found inside.

The driver told police he parked his car near Union Avenue at 7 pm, but when he retuned at 8:40 pm, his front driver’s-side window was broken and his stuff was gone.

Bedford fight

A thug hit a man in the head with a chair during a raucous fight on Bedford Avenue on June 9.

The victim told police that he and his friends were near near N. Seventh Street at 4:45 am when his buddies got into an argument with another group, and their opponents started to push them around.

He tried to quell the fight, but the jerk grabbed a chair and hit him over the head, causing the group to scatter.

Laptop car

A thief stole a laptop and suitcase from a car parked on Roebling Street sometime between June 1 and 5.

The driver said she parked her car near N. Eighth Street on June 1 at 2 am, but when she returned on June 5 at 10 am, her stuff was gone.

Honda yanked

A thief stole a Honda motorcycle parked on Kingsland Avenue on June 10.

The driver parked his hog near Nassau Avenue at 1 am, but when he returned nine hours later, it was gone.

— Aaron Short

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