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Water torture

$10K heist

Two con artists tricked two seniors into giving up $10,000 on Aug. 18 in the ol’ “water company” scam.

The duo posed as water workers, saying that they had to check all the faucets in the 65th Street apartment because a water main had broken on the block between 10th and 11th avenues.

The woman perp distracted her while her male accomplice stole the cash.

Can I bum a purse?

Another elderly woman was the victim of a mugging while she waited for the bus at 92nd Street and Fifth Avenue on Aug. 17.

The perp pestered the 73 year-old for a cigarette at around 1:30 am, and when she reached into her pocket for the pack, he pushed her and snatched her purse.

The thug fled in a waiting getaway car with her cellphone, glasses, prescription pills and $310.

Smash a bottle

A dispute at the Plush nightclub got out of hand when a reveler was smashed with a bottle just before midnight on Aug. 21.

The assailant spat in the victim’s face and then swung a bottle, causing lacerations to the victim’s left cheek. The Roberto Alomar wannabe fled the bar, which is at the corner of 79th Street and Third Avenue, before he could be apprehended.

Kick in the door

An unsubtle burglar kicked in the door of an 83rd Street apartment and stole jewelry, cash and electronics on Aug. 21.

The tenant locked up when he left at 6:30 am, but his lock didn’t hold the bad guy back and when the man returned to his apartment at 3 pm, his Xbox, iPhone, two gold rings and $300 had been stolen.

Lockpick larceny

A thief went through the front door of a Sixth Avenue apartment on Aug. 20, hauling off money orders, watches and jewelry valued at $4,200.

The tenant told cops that she had locked the door when she left the apartment, which is between 68th Street and Bay Ridge Avenue, at 11:30 am. But when she returned at 4:35 pm, she discovered that the lock had been picked and her property pinched.

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