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Weasel pretends to help woman but swipes her wallet

68th Precinct

Bay Ridge—Dyker Heights

Bagged it

A thief stole a woman’s wallet — plus the credit cards and $350 inside — from her book bag on Fourth Avenue on Dec. 8.

The woman told police the man approached her between 85th and 86th streets at around 3 pm to help her fix her scarf, when he pointed out that her backpack was open. But when she went to close it, she realized he had grabbed the wallet, plus the plastic and cash inside.

Padded account

A lying lout swindled a Third Avenue business owner by opening a Verizon account in the name of his business and using it to make $600 worth of transactions, the victim reported on Dec. 12.

The owner of the business, which is located between Ovington Avenue and 71st Street, said that he did not know who opened the account.

Check out back

A no-goodnik stole a woman’s wallet from the Third Avenue store she was working at while she was busy helping another customer on Dec. 12.

The employee was working at the store between 76th and 77th streets when the crook went into the back of the store and stole her wallet just after 11:15 am, authorities said.

Many meds

A criminal stole $3,700 worth of over-the-counter medication from a Third Avenue store on Dec. 14.

The thief stole the meds from the store between 94th and 95th streets just after 1:15 am, said police.

One, two punch

A lout snatched a woman’s purse and then punched her on 77th Street on Dec. 16.

The woman told cops she was between Third and Fourth avenues on her way home from a bar just before 11:45 pm when the perp snatched her purse. And when she chased after him, he punched her, officers said.

— Julianne McShane

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