What do actual drivers think?

“I’m not pleased. It’s not good because people will say it costs more. There is no fixed price.”
— Asfah Minott
Photo by Michelle Manetti

We know what an advocate of taxi drivers and the city agency behind the proposal think about the proposal to install meters inside livery cabs. But what about the livery cab drivers themselves? We asked five drivers outside the Atlantic Center what they thought of it all:

“It’s good because people trust the price. Now I don’t have to argue with customers.”
— Mahmadou Oumar
Photo by Michelle Manetti

“I don’t think it’s a good idea. We’ll be competing with the yellow cabs now.”
— Mohmed Koroma
Photo by Michelle Manetti

“Why would you change a system that has been working? It’s not a good idea.”
— Owen Camevell
Photo by Michelle Manetti

“I like this idea. This way, people get the right fare and no one complains.”
— Reyes Cruz
Photo by Michelle Manetti

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