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What’s on your ‘To Do’ list?

“Post-its” outside 70 Washington St. in DUMBO: “I have never seen a piece of art like it before.”
The Brooklyn Paper

Artists covered two large windows of a DUMBO building with Post-it notes on Wednesday, in an interactive exhibit of what the average person has “to do.”

Passersby were encouraged to write the tasks they wish to remember on the yellow and pink sheets of paper.

The group that created the project, “Illegal Artists,” makes public artwork meant to be more than stared at.

“Half of the project is intended to be done by the public,” said Michael Mcdevitt, who helped build the piece. “It’s a snapshot of what people are thinking.”

Within a couple of hours of its completion, half of the 5,600 notes were already filled with a variety of to-dos.

Some were deep and introspective: “I doubt sometimes whether a quiet and un-agitated life would suite me; yet sometime I long for it.” Others wrote simple libido-driven to-dos like, “Have more sex!”

For some, just reading selections from the 5,600 post-its outside 70 Washington St. was fascinating.

“I have never seen a piece of art like it before,” said Semonetta Pelliccetti of Rome, Italy. “It makes you think about the future and gives you an idea of what other people are thinking about.”

The to-dos will be recoded and catalogued on group’s Web site, www.illegalart.com.

The Illegal Artists have held several other projects where the public was encouraged to collaborate, including an endless poem in Central Park.

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