Who doesn’t love Jell-O — shaped like a stapler?

Who doesn’t love Jell-O — shaped like a stapler?
Michelle Zatta makes Jell-O molds out of all sorts of household items, including a stapler and a wrench.

Once a household staple, Jell-O has been devalued by a new generation of foodie New Yorkers who’d rather treat themselves to an organic rhubarb crumble with crystallized ginger shavings than a jiggling green goo.

But a group of artists believes Jell-O can reclaim its glory, thanks to an upcoming competition at the Gowanus Studio Space.

“Jell-O has been pushed in the background,” explained contest co-organizer Nadia Siddiqui. “We’re trying to make it exiting to eat again.”

Last weekend, the Jell-O enthusiasts held a workshop to teach would-be Jell-O molders to design their own forms using whatever shapes they could think of. Competition co-organizer Michelle Zatta earned the respect of newbies with her stapler and wrench molds (pictured).

“I will be very impressed if someone comes in with a Frank Lloyd Wright Jell-O mold that tastes good,” said Sarah Antoinette Martin, who conceived the idea of the contest while perusing an old Jell-O cookbook.

The best entries will be those that are both aesthetically pleasing and delicious, said one judge, Thu Tran, the Greenpoint artist who recently launched a puppet-hosted cooking show on the Independent Film Channel.

“I’ll be looking for a lot of creativity and concept execution,” said Tran. “It also has to taste good.”

Jell-O Competition at the Gowanus Studio Space [119 Eighth St., between Second and Third avenues in Gowanus, (347) 351-5753)], June 20, 6 pm. For info, visit www.gowanusstudio.org. Registration ends on June 12.

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