Who was Squibb anyway?

Brooklyn Heights hip hop lovers are trying to rename Squibb Park after late Beastie Boy Adam Yauch — a move that would commemorate the rapper known as MCA while stripping away a long-standing tribute to pharmaceutical innovator Dr. Edward Robinson Squibb. Both men were neighborhood icons and leaders in their fields — here’s how they stack up:

Licensed to:

MCA: Ill

Squibb: Treat illness

Greatest hit:

MCA: “Paul Revere”

Squibb: Anesthetic ether

Fought for:

MCA: The right to party

Squibb: The purity of medicines

Altruistic efforts:

MCA: Started the Tibetan Freedom Concerts in the 1990s

Squibb: Sold Brooklyn Heights land to the city for just $800 — when bureaucrats were willing to pay him $1,600 for it


MCA: Generations of white kids with relatable rap idols

Squibb: Ether and other pharmaceuticals to Army medical stores — providing roughly one twelfth of their total stock

Unintended legacy:

MCA: Kid Rock

Squibb: Hunter S. Thompson

Career began in:

MCA: An NYU dorm room

Squibb: A Navy vessel


MCA: The rise of hip hop from a fringe genre to mainstream music

Squibb: The treatment of horrific injuries during the Civil War

—Eli Rosenberg

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