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Who will win on Tuesday? These pols think they know

Brad Lander

Downtown Democratic powerbroker Steve Cohn had his annual pre-Election Day breakfast at Junior’s, so we caught up with all the local poobahs to get their predictions about Tuesday’s mayoral election. Mayor Bloomberg may be up by 15 percent in the polls, but these Democratic pols are convinced that he’ll wake up on Nov. 4 as the outgoing leader.

Bill Thompson
Comptroller and mayoral candidate
“I think I’m going to win. People are excited, eager, and enthusiastic to vote for me. People are tired of the direction Bloomberg has taken us. Tuesday, after I win, I am going to thank New York City. The hardest part of this campaign is seeing the amazing amount of money spent to distort my record and tell people to vote for him in a backwards manner. The easiest was getting out there and speaking to my people. I was born in Bed-Stuy, went to school in Crown Heights, and I love Brooklyn!”
The Brooklyn Paper / Tom Callan

David Paterson
Governor of New York
“I support Thompson. I can’t tell right now [who will win], but people are going to be shocked. I learned a lesson from my campaign, that we need to be prepared for surprise, and that’s the lesson people need to take home.”
The Brooklyn Paper / Tom Callan

Howard Golden
Former Borough President
“I support Billy Thompson. He will win. Why? because he represents the very best of Brooklyn. His honesty is unsurpassed, he is the number one in integrity, number one personality, and he is the only one who is able to revive this city.”
The Brooklyn Paper / Tom Callan

Steve Cohn
Democratic State Committeeman
“Who’s going to win? The person with the most votes. I believe the mayor has done a good job and should be congratulated. But if you ask anyone on Broadway, they will say it’s time for Bloomberg to get off the stage.”
The Brooklyn Paper / Tom Callan

Marty Markowitz
Borough President
“Mayor Bloomberg is going to win. I’d say by eight to 10 percent.”
The Brooklyn Paper / Joe Marino

Charles Hynes
District Attorney
“Comptroller Bill Thompson is getting a lot of steam. The Bloomberg Administration doesn’t know how big of a problem the term limit is [for his campaign]. Bill Thompson will win — there will be a surprise on Tuesday.”

Mike McMahon
Congressman (D–Bay Ridge)
“The breakfast at Junior’s is very good, and I leave poll prognostication to those who are clairvoyant like Nadler.”
The Brooklyn Paper / Michael Lipkin

Jerry Nadler (left in picture)
Congressman (D–Coney Island)
“The polls are saying Bloomberg, but there will be a surprise. The only poll that matters is the one on election day.”
The Brooklyn Paper / Tom Callan

Steve Levin
Democratic Candidate for City Council to succeed David Yassky
“Billy Thompson has got a great chance and he’s picking up steam. I’ve been talking to the people of the 33rd District and they are voting for him. He’s a wonderful guy, fantastic candidate with a great down-to-earth, accessible and neighborhood approach.”
The Brooklyn Paper / Ben Muessig

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