Why paint nudes when you can paint human–gorilla hybrids?

Why paint nudes when you can paint human–gorilla hybrids?
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

At this drinking and drawing event, beauty is the beast.

The Pints n’ Prints event at the Gowanus Print Lab features impromptu costumes — like a gorilla mask — crayons, and cold beers for artists who are looking for more than just a naked form to paint.

“You can go anywhere and find a pretty face that just sits there,” the studio’s director Ashley Hildreth said. “Our models are clothed, so why don’t we go full throttle and have it be something different?”

Figure drawing sessions typically feature nude models, but the Gowanus Print Lab’s large windows prevents posers from disrobing, so the art studio did the complete opposite: dress the model in layers of costumes.

The off-beat outfits are improvised every event, giving artists a refreshing subject week after week. The costumes have a wide range, from gorilla queen to rockstar housewife, taking the creativity of figure-drawing to another level.

“You get bored drawing standard models. There’s so many places for that,” Hildreth said. “We try to do something fun every time with our event.”

The event costs $15 for unlimited beer and a surprise costume model every other Thursday, and the studio asks that all artists bring their own equipment.

Pints n’ Prints at Gowanus Print Lab [54 Second Ave., between Seventh and Eighth streets, (718) 788–3930, gowanusprintlab.com]. $15, July 26 and every other Thursday, 8 pm–10 pm.

Sketchy character: Costumed models are posing at the Gowanus Print Lab for artists’ drawing pleasures.
Photo by Stefano Giovannini