Wing-ding! Brooklyn team nets most $$$ in chicken-eating fund-raiser

Wing-ding! Brooklyn team nets most $$$ in chicken-eating fund-raiser
Photo by Georgine Benvenuto

That’s a feather in their caps.

Some hungry Brooklynites out-earned five other teams in a wing-eating contest to raise money for cancer on April 29. Sure, fat cats from Manhattan gobbled down the most chicken, but the Brooklyn team cobbled together the most scratch for the American Cancer Society, and that’s all that really matters, one competitor said.

“The wing-eating is great, but the important thing is raising the money,” said Brooklyn Heights resident Wayne Rothstein, who ate 24 wings and whose wife survived cancer.

Teams in Brooklyn, Western New York, Syracuse, Long Island, and Manhattan (a neighboring borough) got backers to pledge dollars for every wing they could down, and each team raced to polish off the most poultry in their respective regions on Friday. Bay Ridge sports bar The Kettle Black hosted Kings Country’s team, donated the wings, and threw in a slice of its sales between 6 pm and 9pm. All told the six-person Brooklyn team ate 129 wings raised $3,000 of the contest’s $10,000 total.

And the chow-down was so fun, one contestant said she forgot she was at a charity event.

“It didn’t even feel like a fund-raiser,” said former Miss Brooklyn and current professional cheerleader Christina Moore, who ate 14 wings.

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