Witness: Murder suspect wanted smoke after getting shot

Talk about being cold blooded!

A man accused of gunning down a Mill Basin car dealership owner — only to be shot by the dealer’s friend seconds later — didn’t want an ambulance or a priest as he lay in a pool of his own blood.

All suspected murderer Aaron Adderly wanted was a cigarette — a brazen, unexpected comment that still burns used car salesman Anthony Basso, who witnessed the killing, to this day.

“I wish [Adderly] was dead!” Basso screamed as he testified at Adderly’s trial on May 4. “I wish I hit him in the head. He killed my friend.”

Basso shot Adderly — leaving the alleged gunman paralyzed — during a furious exchange of gunfire that took the life of 35-year-old Bobby Carnival on Dec. 27, 2008.

Adderly, 26, and two accomplices in the bloody robbery are currently on trial for murder. If convicted, Adderly will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Investigators said Carnival, the owner of the Cars on Utica dealership on Utica Avenue near Avenue J, Basso and a handful of employees were in the main showroom when Adderly and two other men came in, posing as potential customers. Adderly and his cohorts had come in earlier that day to put a deposit down on a car.

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes says that Adderly and his team pulled guns, demanding that Carnival and his employees’ fork over all the cash they had seen during their earlier visit.

But Carnival surprised the thugs by fighting back. The businessman had wrestled one of the gunmen to the ground when Adderly opened fire, striking the father of two in the back.

In the confusion, Basso picked up a gun that fell to the ground and fired at Adderly, hitting the alleged thief repeatedly.

“It was either him or me,” Basso told the jury. “As soon as he pointed the gun at me, I unleashed; I unloaded the whole clip.”

When the gun smoke cleared, Basso found Adderly lying on the floor.

“[Adderly] asked me to light his cigarette for him,” Basso remembered. “[I said,] ‘You didn’t give my friend a chance to give you whatever he had in his pocket, and you expect me to give you a cigarette?’ ”

Basso was one of the first witnesses to testify against Adderly and codefendants Dario Gedeon and Peter Innocent. A third accomplice testified for the prosecution as the murder trial continues this week.

A call to Robert Reuland, Adderly’s attorney, was not returned by late Monday.

Notorious crew charged with murder

Federal prosecutors are adding murder to a laundry list of offenses against a violent robbery crew responsible for 100 attacks on drug couriers throughout the East Coast.

Sergio “Viejo” Alejo, 50, Wendell “Gregorio” Alomar-Cabrera, 32, and Gabriel “Jose” Pabon, 44, were all hit with murder charges during an April 29 appearance in Brooklyn Federal Court for the 2006 slaying of Luis Sifuentes in Durham, North Carolina.

The indictment was added to the robbery conspiracy charges against the three suspects who netted more than 750 kilograms of cocaine and more than $4 million in drug proceeds with 22 accomplices during heists that stretch back to May, 2003.

Federal prosecutors said the violent crew often posed as police officers as they kidnapped, tortured and robbed their victims.

In 2006, the criminal crew traveled to North Carolina from New York to engage in a series of robberies. During a heist near Durham, the defendants kidnaped Sifuentes, tortured him for several hours, then murdered him, explained Brooklyn United States Attorney Loretta Lynch.

“By holding these defendants accountable for the murder of Luis Sifuentes in North Carolina, we reaffirm our commitment to protecting the community, in New York and elsewhere, from the violence posed by robbery crews and drug traffickers,” Lynch said.

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