Woman bashed for her bag on McKibben

Bag bash

Two 13-year-old robbers tried to take a 44-year-old woman’s purse on Manhattan Avenue on Nov. 26, but when she wouldn’t give it up, they punched her in the face.

The perps approached their victim near McKibben Street at 8:15 pm and attempted to steal her purse. She held onto it tightly, so one perp punched her in her face five times and dragged her on the ground in a circle several times to get her to release it.

The perps fled when they were unable to grab it.

Phone robbery

Two perps stole two cellphones from a sidewalk vendor on Graham Avenue on Nov. 28.

The perps approached the vendor 12:30 pm as he was selling phones from his custom built scooter near Broadway. As the vendor was describing his merchandise, one perp put his hand inside his jacket and threatened, “I’ll shoot if you move.”

The victim stepped back and each perp took a phone before fleeing on Graham Avenue.

Ooba lounge

A vicious fight broke out on Grand Street outside Ooba Lounge on Nov 28, and a 32-year-old man was struck unconscious by a blow to the back of his head.

The club’s manager got into a shouting match with a customer at the club near Leonard Street at around 2 am, and the fight escalated to the point where the manager allegedly swung a metal wine bucket at the victim. The injured man fell down and lost consciousness, according to a witness.

He was taken to Woodull Hospital.

Burglary roundup

At least four homes were broken into last week. Here’s a roundup:

• A thief broke into a S. Third Street apartment on Nov. 26 and stole a laptop and iPad.

The tenant left her apartment near Driggs Avenue at 11:15 am, but returned 11 hours later to find her window open and her computer gone.

• A thief broke into a Wythe Avenue apartment on Nov. 27 and stole two laptops. The tenant told cops that he’d stepped out of his apartment near S. Ninth Street at 5:30 pm for only one hour.

• A perp broke into a Scholes Street apartment on Nov. 23 and stole a computer. The tenant left the apartment near Humboldt Street at 9:45 am and returned 10 hours later to find his laptop gong.

• A thief stole two computers, a watch, and a pair of sunglasses from a Grand Street apartment while its tenant was at a nearby bar that she owns overnight on Nov. 26. The bar owner left her apartment near Lorimer Street at 5:45 pm and returned at 4 am the next morning to find her stuff gone.

Toyota taken

A thief stole a new Toyota from Maujer Street on Nov. 22.

The driver parked the car near Graham Avenue at 10 am and returned at 8:30 pm find discover that his car was gone.

Broken bottle

A group of teenagers tried to steal a 15-year-old boy’s phone on Roebling Street on Nov. 22, but ended up stabbing him in the back with a broken bottle when he wouldn’t surrender the mobile device.

The boy told cops that the perps approached him near S. Ninth Street as he left a deli at 4 pm and asked him for his phone. When he refused, they jumped him, and one boy stabbed him in the lower back with a glass bottle before they fled.