Woman bashes man with clock

63rd Precinct

Marine Park—Mill Basin—Flatlands—Bergen Beach


A female thug assaulted a man at his apartment on E. 38th Street on Feb. 16 — with a clock.

The victim told police that he was arguing with the woman inside his residence near Avenue J at 12:15 pm, when she decided she’d had enough smashed him in the face with a handy chronograph. The woman then drew a knife and slashed the victim on his hand, he said.


Three thugs robbed a kid of his iPod on Fillmore Avenue on Feb. 13.

The victim said he was near E. 45th Street at 4:45 pm, when he was jumped by the trio of goons. One of the thieves threw the victim to the ground, while the other crooks searched his pockets and took the MP3 player.

Delivery interception

Two gun-wielding crooks robbed a Chinese-food delivery guy on E. 39th Street on Feb. 15.

The victim told officials that he was near Avenue H at 8:30 pm when he was thrown against a wall by the one of the thieves, who removed $200 and a cellphone from his pockets.

Packing pipes

Three pipe-wielding goons robbed a man on Flatbush Avenue on Feb. 18.

The victim said he was near Avenue L at 7:15 pm, when the thugs approached, bearing metal pipes, and grabbed $10 from the victim’s hands.

Flying bottle

A man assaulted a woman at a Ralph Avenue watering hole on Feb. 17.

The victim told cops she was partying it up at the club near Foster Avenue at 3:50 am when an empty bottle of booze flew through the air and struck her on the head.

Foot soldier

A shoe-wielding goon attacked a woman on Utica Avenue on Feb. 18.

The victim said she was near Avenue K at 3:45 am when the thug bashed her on the head with the impromptu weapon, causing a gash on her forehead.

Mill Avenue burglar

A crook stole cash, electronics and jewelry from a house on Mill Avenue on Feb. 13.

The owner of the home near Ralph Avenue said the thief entered by breaking a window near the back door sometime after 6 am, and took $1,500, various electronic devices, and jewelry.

Standing room only

A thief stripped a man’s car on E. 54th Street on Feb. 14.

The victim told cops he parked his Chevy Impala near Avenue I at 6 pm, and returned later to find that the front and back seats, center console, and two headlights were missing.

Not going anywhere

A crook took the tires off of a car on E. 48th Street on Feb. 15.

The victim said he parked his car near Avenue N at around 3:30 am, and returned to find his Infinity G37S sitting on cinder blocks, sans four tires.

Construction crook

A thief nabbed building supplies from the backyard of a man’s house on E. 66th Street on Feb. 10.

The thief stole into the victim’s backyard near Strickland Avenue at 10 am, and took off with a trench frame.

— Colin Mixson

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