Brute fires gun at neighbor from second story window

62 Precinct


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Neighbors gone wild 

A man allegedly shot a gun from the second-story window of his 64th Street home at his neighbor outside on Aug. 4. 

The victim told police she had gotten into an argument with the man because his vehicle was blocking her car parked between 21st Avenue and Bay Parkway and the man allegedly shot the bullet around 8:50 pm when she came back with her boyfriend. 

American ninja warrior

A thief nabbed a Ninja blender and a Dyson vacuum from a Bay Parkway store on Aug. 3. 

The bandit fled the shop at the intersection of Shore Parkway around 8 pm in a gray vehicle. 

Best Buy 

A duo of robbers held up an employee at a Kings Highway store threatening to hurt his family on Aug 2. 

The victim said one of the freebooters went behind the counter of the store between Beverley and Clarendon roads around 8:15 pm and stole over $7,000 worth of electronics.