Suspect injures cops during his arrest on 17th Avenue

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Narcotic nogoodnik

A man allegedly injured several police officers while they were arresting him on 17th Avenue on Oct. 12.

Cops say that they were trying to apprehend the defendant for an alleged theft between Bath and Benson avenues at 7:50 am when he fought back, attacking the cops — and dropping several items of narcotics.

Jewelry jerk

A looter stole $1,500 and jewelry from a house on 16th Avenue on Oct. 5.

The victim said that the crook entered the house between 66th and 65th streets at 9 pm, and stole $1,500 in cash and $1,000 worth of jewelry.

Violent crime

A lout hit a man in the head and took his cellphone, wallet, and glasses on 64th Street on Oct. 9.

The victim told police that he was between 14th and 15th avenues at 3:30 am when the ruffian approached him from behind and hit him on the head before making off with his cellphone, glasses, and his wallet.

Elder abuse

A brute punched a 73-year-old man in the head on 83rd Street on Oct. 13.

The victim told police that he was smoking on the corner of 83rd Street and 18th Avenue at 12:15 pm when the young man came and punched him in the head, causing him to fall and suffer a laceration to the back of his head.

— Rose Adams