Runny-nosed shoplifters steal cold meds

62 Precinct


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Cold crooks 

A couple of runny-nosed shoplifters stole cold medication, humidifiers and pillows from a Bay Parkway department store on Oct. 26. 

The filchers snuck the merchandise into a black suitcase and left the store at the shopping center at the intersection of Shore Parkway around 8:03 pm without paying. 

Hungry horrors

A hungry brigand mugged a delivery driver of the food he was delivering to their 78th Street home on Oct. 25. 

The victim told police when he arrived at the delivery location between 18th and 19th avenues he was punched in the back around 8:30 pm and the pizza, soda, wing and brownies were taken from his hand. 

Cheap date

A man was mugged of $30 by a pillager who approached him on 83rd Street on Oct. 25. 

The victim told police the bandit threatened to hurt him at the intersection of 19th Avenue around 8:45 pm if he didn’t cough up the money.