Knife-wielding brutes slash victim


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Cutting cads

Two knife-wielding brutes slashed a man on Bay 14th Street on Dec. 27.

The victim told police that the ruffians shoved him between Bath and Benson avenues at around 3 am, before brandishing a knife and cutting him in the arm.

Beer baddie

A party animal stole beer from a Kings Highway store on Dec. 26.

An employee told police that the thirsty perp grabbed a six pack of Corona from the store near W. 11th Street at 11:30 pm and attempted to flee. When the employee chased the perp, he whipped out a knife and threatened to kill the employee. 

Botched assault

A pillager assaulted a man during a botched robbery on Benson Avenue on Dec. 27. 

The victim told police that the marauder tried to grab his cell phone and messenger bag near Bay 19th Street at around 2:20 am, but when the victim refused, the brigand punched him in the face twice.

Subway sneak

A swiper looted a sleeping straphanger aboard an N train near New Utrecht Avenue station on Dec. 26. 

The victim told police that he awoke on the train near 62nd Street at 3 am and found that the bandit had stolen his wallet, and charged $324 to his credit cards. 

Home invasion

A home invader looted a 67th Street home on Dec. 21. 

The victim told police that the purloiner broke into the home between 18th and 19th avenues at around 11 pm through a back door and stole $549 worth of property.