Marauder mugs woman aboard subway platform

60th precinct
Photo by Jessica Parks


Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Subway stop

A bruiser mugged a woman at the Surf Avenue station after threatening her with a box cutter on Sept. 14. 

The victim told police that the marauder tried to rob her inside the station near W. Eighth Street at around 9 am, but fled after not finding any valuables. 

Jewelry jaunt

A bandit snagged a jewelry box from a W. 17th Street home on Sept. 18. 

The victim told police that she returned to her home at the intersection of Avenue Z at around 2 am to find her window open and her jewelry missing. 

Money cabinet

A crook stole money stored in a cabinet in a W. 24th Street living room on Sept. 1. 

The victim told police that he found the money missing from his residence between Neptune and Mermaid Avenues at around 10 am.