Purloiners rob victim for bike, wallet, and phone


Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Butt of the joke

A trio of thieves stole a bicycle, wallet, and cellphone from a victim on Stillwell Avenue on Sept. 18. 

The victim told police that the purloiners snagged the items, before a brief chase ended near Bowery Street at around 10:20 pm when the muggers flashed the butt of a firearm. 

Mr. Clean getaway

A savage broke into a Surf Avenue apartment and stole two packs of Bounty paper towels on Sept. 18. 

The victim told police that the bandit busted the locks of a side door of the apartment between W. 24th and W. 25th streets around 1 am, before grabbing the cleaning supplies and making off.

Support small business

A crook broke into a small business on W. 17th Street and swiped various electronics and cash on Sept. 14. 

The victim told police that the punk broke through the front door of the merchant at the intersection of Bay 52nd Street at around 2 am, brefor grabbing the contraband, which included a TV, and ran away.