Arsonist sets blaze to bodega

62 Precinct


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach


An arsonist set fire to an 18th Avenue corner store on Nov. 20. 

An employee told police that the good-for-nothing let himself into the store between 80th and 81st streets at around 9:20 am, before setting fire to the store with lighter fluid and a match.

Hole in a wall 

A thief broke into an 86th street store through a hole in a wall on Nov. 22. 

An employee told police that the lout broke a hole into the store between Stillwell Avenue and W. 13th Street from the property next door, and exited at around 2:40 am with ill-gotten goods.

Dine and dash 

A carjacker stole someone’s car parked at Mcdonald Avenue on Nov. 26. 

The victim told police that they were ordering food across the street at the intersection of Kings Highway at around 12:40 pm, but when he came back to his car, it was gone.