62nd Precinct: From friends to fighters

62 Precinct


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

From friends to fighters

A punk waited to attack on old friend outside his home on 74th Street on Sept. 3.

According to police, the victim got home at 6:50 a.m., where the attacker was waiting for him and stated “Today I will kill you” before hitting him with a belt. The assailant then pulled out a screwdriver and a box cutter and cut the victim’s left arm and finger. 

Phony purchase

A scammer used a fake ID to buy a luxury car on Aug. 29. 

Police said the thief bought a 2024 Mercedes-Benz from a lot on Shore Parkway at 5:17 p.m, and employees realized after he left the lot that his ID was a fake. When the jerk returned to the dealership five days later to finalize some paperwork, he was arrested and the vehicle was returned. 

The thief had other fake paperwork with him during the arrest.

Going, going, gone

Some jerk stole a moped from a man on Bath Avenue on Sept. 2.

The victim told police he parked in front of his house at around midnight, and some unknown sneak made off with it at about 1:55 a.m.

The bike was valued at $1,100.

Drunken dispute

A young attacker assaulted his friend during drunken fight on 84th Street on Aug. 29.

Police say the two friends and coworkers were drinking together when the attacker got upset about a conversation they were having. The alleged attacker then took a glass bottle and hit the 43-year-old victim in the head and punched him in the face. 

The victim was left with cuts and bruises on his face.

ATM thief

A snake took thousands of dollars from a single man through ATM machines at various southern Brooklyn banks on Aug. 24. 

The 54-year-old victim told police the jerk first used an ATM off 20th Avenue to steal a chunk of change from his account at 8 a.m. Throughout the day, the thief managed to withdraw a total of $16,000 from the victim’s account. 

— Jada Camille