Pirate loots $2,200 during home invasion


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach


A home invader broke into a Bath Avenue apartment and stole $2,200 on Aug. 9. 

The victim told police that the robber stole cash from multiple rooms in the apartment between 20th Avenue and Bay 25th Street at around 11 am and damaged the doors throughout the residence when looking around for contraband.


A bandit nabbed a bus driver’s backpack on Harway Avenue Aug. 9.

The victim told police that he locked the parked bus between 25th Avenue and Bay 38th Street, but he returned from his break at around 4:21 am to find his belongings missing. 

Apple picking 

A shoplifter swiped two iPhones from a Bay Parkway electronics store on Aug. 9. 

An employee told police that the pilferer inquired about buying a cellphone from the store between 65th and 66th streets at around 4:40 pm, before nabbing two phones and sprinting away.