Savages stole $13,000 from a woman

62 Precinct


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Room raiders

A couple of savages stole over $13,000 from a woman on 17th Avenue on May 13. 

The victim told police she first ran into the ruffians on her street and forced her to take to her home between 81st and 84th streets around9 am where they stole her money. 

Identity theft

A brigand nabbed $1,000 and a green card from a pedestrian walking on. 78th Street on May 13. 

The victim told police the highway robber first punched him at the intersection of New Utrecht Avenue and said “give me your money” around 1:20 am before taking his belongings. 

Near-Ax murder

A goon stole $400 from a man sitting in his car parked on Bay 17th street on May 13. 

The victim told police the brute threatened him with an ax when he was in his car between Benson Avenue and 86th Street around 4:20 am before giving him the money out of his own pocket.