Cops cuff teen for allegedly assaulting 61-year-old


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Cruel kid

Police arrested a teenager for allegedly beating up a 61-year-old man on 18th Avenue on Feb. 25.

The victim told police that the 16-year-old kicked and punched him to the ground on the corner of 70th Street at 1 pm, before running off with the victim’s car keys, Air Pods, and $3.

Cops soon caught up with the suspect and apprehended him, charging him with felony robbery, according to police reports. 


A brute smacked an acquaintance in the head with a piece of wood on 15th Avenue on Feb. 24.

The victim told police that his good-for-nothing companion hit him over the head with the wooden plank on the corner of 61st Street at 4 pm, scraping the left side of his forehead, before running off.

Robbery gone wrong 

Cops cuffed three men for allegedly stealing a man’s wallet at knife point on Shore Parkway on Feb. 23.

The victim told police that the three suspects allegedly jumped into his car near Bay Parkway at 8:50 pm and demanded his wallet while holding a knife, before making off with $800 and his credit cards.

Cops stopped the suspect and found them carrying the man’s cash and 30 pills of Xanax, and arrested them on a slew of charges, according to police reports. 

Battery bandit

A sneak thief stole six batteries from a cable box on 63rd Street on Feb. 26.

An Optimum employee told police that some nogoodnik forced open the locked box by the corner of 20th Avenue at around 2 pm and removed $1,850 worth of batteries. 

What a tool!

A pilferer made off with a backpack full of tools on 81st Street on Feb. 27.

The victim told police that the thief snatched his bag filled with $1,030 worth of tools from the hallway of his building between 18th and 19th avenues at around 5 am.