Purse snatchers attack women on Sixth Avenue


Sunset Park–Windsor Terrace

Purse snatchers 

Three scoundrels tried to rob a woman on Sixth Avenue on Jan. 28.

The victim told police that two of the cads acted as a lookout near 44th Street at around 4:10 pm, while the third rifled through her purse, without taking anything.


Some worm robbed a delivery guy’s e-bike on Sixth Avenue on Feb. 2.

The victim told police that he parked his ride near 46th street shortly after midnight, when the thief swiped the bike and rode off. 


A weasel robbed a woman on Fourth Avenue on Jan. 26.

The victim told police that the snake bumped into her near 63rd Street at 2:00 pm, and swiped some items from her open purse without her noticing. 


Some highway robber stole a car from 50th Street on Jan. 29.

The victim told police that he left his ride parked near Sixth Avenue at noon, but when he returned at 5:24, the car had been stolen. 


Some scammer swindled cash from a 64-year-old woman on 33rd Street on Jan. 20.

The victim told police that she received a call from the “Social Security Administration” at her home near Fifth Avenue around 9 pm, and the pirate claimed the government would seize their assets unless she weird $13,000 — which she did.