Louts jump guy in MetroTech


Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Train trounce!

A pack of louts assaulted a guy near the Jay Street Metrotech train station on June 14.

The victim told police that he was exiting the train station on Jay Street at around 11:30 pm when the bruisers jumped him, punching him several times in the head causing him to bleed from his mouth and nose. They then attempted to rob him by running through his pockets but were unable to retrieve anything. 


Some thief robbed a mail carrier on Myrtle Avenue on June 14.

The postal worker victim told police that they parked her truck near Flatbush Avenue at around 3:50 pm, but when she returned at 4:10 pm her wallet, containing $200, had been swiped. 


Some lowlife robbed a bike on Atlantic Avenue on June 14.

The victim told police that he locked his ride near Boerum Place at 4:15, but when he returned at 4:30, it had been swiped. 

Apple picker

Cops nabbed a guy for robbing a Starbucks on June 19. 

Police claim the suspect entered the Starbucks near Main Street at 3:30 am when it was closed, and made off with a MacBook Air and an iPhone. 

Boys in Blue cuffed a suspect on June 21 and charged him with burglary, larceny, and possession of burglary tools.