86-year-old woman jumps to death

An 86-year-old Kensington woman who plummeted 10 stories to her death on May 31 committed suicide, say police who initially claimed the death was an accident.

Police said Lida Arakelyan leapt out of her Ocean Parkway apartment window at 1 pm. The doorman of her building, located near Cortelyou Road, called 911 after a tenant found Arakelyan on the lawn, but thought the elderly woman was sleeping.

Paramedics rushed Arakelyan to Maimonides Medical Center, where she died of her injuries.

Cops initially reported that Arakelyan’s death was an accident, telling the New York Daily News, a Manhattan newspaper, that she was closing her window when she lost her balance and tumbled out.

Then they discovered evidence to the contrary.

“She left a suicide note and jumped out the window,” a police spokesman said, who would not reveal what the note said.

No evidence of Arakelyan’s death plunge could be found in front of the Ocean Parkway building on Wednesday — save for two roses left on the grass where she was found.

Arakelyan lived with her family and rarely left the apartment except for appointments, the doorman said.

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