Thieves violently rob woman on Clinton Avenue


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill


Two brutes jumped a woman on Clinton Avenue on March 17.

The victim told police that he punks threw her to the ground and threatened her with tasers outside her apartment door between Dekalb and Lafayette avenues at 5 pm, before grabbing her phone and wallet and hightailing it.

One of the bozos dropped his phone at the scene, but police are still looking for both criminals, according to authorities.

Rowdy drunk!

Police arrested a woman they suspect of attacking a desk clerk at Brooklyn Hospital on Dekalb Avenue on March 21.

The victim told police that the 33-year-old was sent to the medical facility at Ashland Place for being drunk and that at 2 pm, and she allegedly threw the secretary’s computer off her desk and threw a medical tray at her.

Police arrested the woman and slapped her with felony assault charges, according to authorities.

Rough robber

Police arrested a man of allegedly attacking a store employee while shoplifting on Flatbush Avenue Ext. on March 21.

The victim told police that the suspect allegedly trying to leave with a four-pack of energy drinks without paying near Fulton Street at 11:20 pm, before allegedly hitting the witness in the face with a luggage handle.

Police arrested the man on the scene and slapped him with felony assault charges.

Mystery shooter

A gunman shot a teen and another woman in their legs on N. Oxford Wall on March 22.

The 16-year-old boy told police that he heard the gunshots and then felt pain in his right leg, but didn’t see the shooter near Park Avenue at 3 pm. 

Daytime marauders

Looters raided a man’s Navy Walk apartment on March 16.

The victim told police that the burglars broke his door lock near Tillary Street between 11 am and 5 pm, and bagged $2,500 in cash.

Crime scene

Sneak thieves stole a woman’s jacket and valuables on Fleet Walk on March 17.

The victim told police that she left her jacket lying around while she was filming a school project near Prince Street at 3:55 pm, when the nogoodniks snatched her stuff and made a run for it.


Bandits busted a woman’s car on Fleet Walk sometime between March 17 and 19.

The victim told police that the robbers smashed her car window near Tillary Street, and took her sunglasses, garage door remote, computer, and stenography machine — worth a total of almost $6,000.