Intruder breaks into woman’s home but flees empty-handed

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

This is not a drill

A malefactor tried to burgle a woman’s Clinton Avenue home on March 6.

The victim told cops she was sitting in the living room of her home near Gates Avenue at 2:15 pm using her computer when she heard a noise behind her.

She turned around to see an intruder holding a screwdriver, who then ran out of the apartment, apparently without taking anything, according to police.

Bunch of tools

Robbers stole equipment from cars on Flushing Avenue on March 7.

Surveillance cameras caught the louts breaking the keyhole of one of the cars parked between N. Oxford and Cumberland streets just after 12:45 pm, but not taking anything, and then opening another car and taking two drills and a meter tool, cops reported.

Federal fraudster

A fraudster scammed a man out of $1,000 on March 5 at his Ryerson Street apartment.

The crook called the victim at his home between Park and Myrtle avenues claiming to be a federal Social Security agent. He threatened to arrest the victim and confiscate all his possessions if he didn’t transmit money to him through a credit card, which the victim then bought explicitly for that purpose, according to cops.

The charlatan was able to take the money from the cards, cops said.

Car buster

A prowler looted a woman’s car on S. Elliot Place on March 7.

The victim left the car parked between S. Portland and Hanson Place at 7 am, and when she returned just before 11 pm, she saw that the door was ajar and that someone had taken cash and scattered the stuff from the glove compartment all over the front seat, she told police.

Class dismissed

A thief stole a woman’s bank cards at a Clermont Avenue school on March 8.

The victim said she was working in a classroom at the school between Park and Myrtle avenues from 7 am to 3 pm, and left the cards on her desk in a wallet while walking in and out of the room to talk to parents on her cellphone, police reported.

When she reached the end of her shift she noticed that her bank cards were missing, and she later found out that the thief had made a purchase with the cards, according to cops.

— Kevin Duggan