Knave knifes man twice at Nevins Street subway stop


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Double dagger

A villain stabbed a guy twice at the Nevins Street subway station on March 19.

The victim told cops that, on a Crown Heights-bound train at 12:18 am, the rogue pulled out a kitchen knife and stabbed him in the leg and arm, before fleeing out of the station. 

Sit on that!

Some goon threw a chair at a guy on Waverly Avenue on March 19. 

The victim told cops that, between Lafayette and Greene avenues around 8:40 pm, he tried to break up a fight among a unruly group when the plastic seater came flying at his face.

The crowd scattered and cops could not find any perpetrator, according to police reports. 

Teen trouble

Cops collared three teen boys for allegedly attacking and robbing a guy on Dekalb Avenue on March 20.

The victim told police that, near Carlton Avenue at 7:20 pm, the three 15-year-olds allegedly punched him in the head and stole his hat, vest, phone, and wallet. 

Within an hour, police caught up with two of the youngsters at N. Elliot Walk near Myrtle Avenue and another at N. Portland and Park avenues, and charged all three with felony assault, according to police reports. 

Big loot 

A shyster scammed a Clinton Avenue man out of almost $25,000 between March 2-18.

The victim told cops that, between Lafayette and Greene avenues and between 2 pm on the first date until 8 pm on the last, a fraudster pretended to be a bank rep and told the man to transfer the money to another account at a Hong Kong financial institution because his account was compromised. 

Fake cop

Some charlatan pretending to be a cop defrauded a Lafayette Avenue woman out of almost $800 on March 19.

The victim told police that, between Carlton Avenue and Adelphi Street at 11:30 am, the crook called her posing as a state county sheriff and said she she needed to pay for federal citations. 

The victim transferred $788 to the nogoodnik, according to police reports.