Group of goons rob late-night rambler

88th precinct station house
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

88th Precinct

Fort Greene—Clinton Hill

Group of goons

A group of goons robbed someone who was taking a late-night stroll through Fort Greene Park on May 1.

The victim told police they were cutting through the park near Myrtle Avenue when about six jerks wearing black ski masks surrounded them while threatening them with a long knife, then pulled $140 in cash from the victim’s pockets and ran north. Cops searched the area but didn’t find anyone suspicious. 

Run-of-the-mill robbery

A bandit allegedly accosted a man on DeKalb Avenue on April 28.

Cops said the thief confronted the victim near Hudson Avenue at about 10:45 pm while holding the handle of a black object the victim thought was a gun and demanded the victim’s phone and wallet. The victim called the police, who found and arrested the suspect later that night.

Stranger stabbing

Someone walked into the emergency room at the Brooklyn Hospital Center on DeKalb Avenue with stab wounds on April 26.

The victim said he had gotten into a fight with a stranger earlier that night, and was stabbed during the altercation. He was treated for wounds on his back and a punctured lung.

Group of goons 

A group of goons roughed up a man on N. Portland Avenue on April 27.

It was just a few minutes after midnight when the victim encountered a group of about five people near Park Avenue, police said. The victim and the baddies exchanged words before they gathered around him and started a fight, during which the victim said he thought he felt a metal object press into his side before the punks fled.

Speaker strike

A jerk threw a speaker at a woman’s head on Tillary Street on May 1.

The victim told police she had gotten in an argument with another person staying in a homeless shelter near Navy Street at about 2:30 am. While the two were duking it out verbally, the villain allegedly picked up a speaker and threw it at the victim’s head, leaving her with a laceration.

Police arrested the alleged aggressor on the scene.

Preschool pirate

A St. Felix Street preschool was broken into on April 25.

Police said a motion detector alarm went off early in the morning at the World Explorers near DeKalb Avenue. When the owner headed out to check out what had caused the alarm, they found a glass door broken and a portable speaker, and multiple iPads, all told worth more than $1,000, had been stolen. 

A smoking scoundrel

A scoundrel broke into a Myrtle Avenue shop in pursuit of something to smoke on April 26.

The victim said someone threw a cinderblock through the window of Farmer in the Deli near Steuben Street sometime around 5 am, then stepped into the store and packed up a selection of bongs, Newport cigarettes, and cash. Officers searched the neighborhood without finding a sign of the weasel.

Basket bandit

A bandit whisked a wicker basket and its contents out of a Cambridge Place apartment on April 28.

Police said the victim received a notification at about 7am that someone had tried to use her credit card. When she went downstairs to get the card, which she had left in her handbag inside her home the night before, she realized the basket, her purse, and her house keys had been stolen. Later inspection revealed that someone had forced open both doors leading into the home’s foyer, but security cameras were not operational at the time of the break-in.

Tech snatcher

Some sneak grabbed an iPad out of an employee’s hand at a Myrtle Avenue tech store on April 25.

The employee told police he was assisting a customer at the T-Mobile store near Waverly Avenue at about 1 pm when the customer suddenly snatched a company iPad out of her hand and went running out of the store. The shop was not able to track the device.

Robber strikes stroller

A thief snatched some expensive items from a stroller sitting on the sidewalk on Clinton Avenue.

Police said the victim left the stroller outside near Fulton Street at just after 12 pm as she went on a short walk with her daughter. When they circled back to the stroller, she realized someone had stolen her purse, which she had left sitting in the stroller and contained her wedding ring, eyeglasses and contacts, wallet, debit and credit cards, and cash.