Brute hits bicycle rider with baseball bat

88th precinct station house
88th precinct station house
Photo by Stefano Giovannini


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Battery on bicycle

A brute swung a baseball bat at a man riding his bicycle down Myrtle Avenue on Jan. 7.

The victim told police that he was cycling near Grand Avenue at about 1:30 am when, without words or warning, the brute hit him in the face with a baseball bat, then took off running toward Steuben Avenue. 

Emergency responders took the victim to Methodist Hospital with multiple lacerations on his face and a likely broken nose.

A literary lob

A woman living at the Tillary Street Women’s Shelter allegedly threw a book at the face of her fellow residents on Jan. 2.

The victim told police that she did not know the scoundrel, but that she had thrown the book at her at about 9:30pm intending to injure her.

Officers arrested the tosser on the scene, and an EMT treated the victim for pain and redness.

Sneak nabs bin of Amazon packages

A sneak crept into an Amazon delivery truck parked on Myrtle Avenue and made off with a whole bin of packages on Jan. 5.

THe victim told police that he was dropping off packages near Hall Street at about 1pm when a man approached her to tell her he had seen a man running away from her parked delivery truck with a container of to-be-delivered boxes.

There was no damage to the truck, and the driver couldn’t remember if she had locked it before walking away.

Bicycle bandit caught on camera

A bandit broke into a Lefferts Place basement on Dec. 26 and stole a bicycle.

The victim told police that they were away on vacation, but when they got home, they checked their Nest camera and found the sneak walking into the basement of the home near Grand Avenue at around 11 pm on Dec. 26 and leaving with their bicycle, wheel locks, and their child bike seat.

Bike lock bites the dust

Someone snipped the lock on an expensive electric bicycle parked on Grand Avenue and stole both on Jan. 5.

The victim told police that she had locked the bike to a street sign near Gates Avenue at about 8:30 am and left it until about 2:30 pm, but found the sign pole bare when she returned.

Nissan lost and found

A bandit stole a parked van from Oxford Walk sometime between Jan. 2 and Jan. 4.

The victim told police that she left the Nissan near N. Portland Avenue at about 12:45 pm and  left it until 8 am on Jan. 4, when she discovered her parking spot empty, without even shattered glass or a sign of the thief.

Officers searched for the vehicle, and found it near Jamaica, Queens, apparently parked by the thief.

Deli stop detour

A man just looking for some lunch lost out when a lout stole his 2017 Toyota from Lafayette Street on Jan. 8.

The victim told police that he left his RAV-4 running, but without the keys inside, at the corner of Grand Avenue while he went into a nearby deli at 1pm — but, a few minutes later, a bystander told him someone had just stolen the car and was driving it toward Classon Avenue.

Stolen vehicle tours the city

A carjacker stole a 2009 Honda from Navy Street in the early hours of Jan. 9.

The victim told police that they left the car at the corner of Park Avenue at about 2 am and realized it was gone later that morning.

License plate readers had pinged the car heading out of the borough on the Brooklyn Bridge at about 5am, then on the FDR Drive, northbound, and finally on the Willis Avenue Bridge headed toward the Bronx. There were no signs of break-in on the scene, and the victim said he was in possession of the only two sets of keys.

A host of stolen Hondas

Some sneak lifted a 2020 Honda that was parked and locked at the corner of Navy Street and Park Avenue between Jan. 7 and Jan. 9.

The victim told police that he locked his parked vehicle at 10 pm on Jan. 7, but by 2 pm on Jan. 9, it had disappeared without a trace. 

Police searched the area but did not find the car nor any sign of the freebooter.