Knife-wielding knaves hold up delivery driver


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Out for robbery

A group of pilferers held up a delivery driver on Gates Avenue on Feb. 15.

The victim told police that the bandits threatened him with a knife at Irving Place at 11:40 am, before taking his phone and $43 in cash and hightailing it towards Gates Avenue.

Right for the jugular!

A pair of villains robbed a guy at knifepoint on Washington Avenue on Feb. 19. 

The victim told police that the two ne’er-do-wells came from behind and held a blade to his throat while he was unlocking his bike between Greene and Lafayette avenues, before taking his phone and wallet and running off.

Lobby loot

Marauders stole a bunch of packages and apartment keys at a Grand Avenue building on Feb. 12. 

A security guard told police that he saw the purloiners on security camera footage forcing their way into the lobby of the building between Park and Myrtle avenues just after 6 am, before taking several packages and a lock box with spare keys. 

Quick swipe!

Some sneak thief stole a deliveryman’s e-bike on Dekalb Avenue on Feb. 19.

The victim told police that he went into a bodega to drop off food at St Felix Street at 9:30 am, but when he came out, his $2,000 battery-powered two-wheeler was gone. 

Carjackers bust

Police arrested two men for allegedly stealing a car on Adelphi Street on Feb. 15. 

The victim told police that he left his car running with the keys in the ignition between Myrtle and Park avenues at 4:35 pm, and when he came back 20 minutes later, it was gone. 

Police on patrol found the wayward sedan at Fleet Walk near Prince Street on Feb. 21 at 2:35 am, and arrested the two men in it for felony grand larceny, according to police reports.