Mother chases away son’s would-be robbers


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Thanks mom

A teen’s mother scared off a gang of goons who ambushed her son on Lafayette Avenue on Dec. 2.

The 15-year-old victim told police that the six delinquents punched him in the face and demanded that he empty his pockets at Carlton Avenue at around 8:15 pm, before his mother came running to the scene and the ne’er-do-wells fled.

Stick up!

A gunman held up a Greene Avenue grocery store on Dec. 2.

The victim told police that the menace went behind the counter of the shop at Cumberland Street around 7 pm and demanded money at gunpoint, before fleeing with $800.

Fake deal

Criminals robbed a man during a phony car sale on Park Avenue on Nov. 25.

The victim told police that he arranged to buy a car from one of the malefactors at N. Portland Avenue at 4 pm when the duo stole $8,300 and an ID from the victim at gunpoint.

Two-wheeled battle

Scooter-mounted scoundrels stole a deliveryman’s e-bike and phone on Adelphi Street on Dec. 3.

The victim told police that the bandits rode up behind him at Lafayette Avenue just before 8 pm, kicked him off his two-wheeler and sped off toward Clinton Hill. 

Beat it!

Cops arrested two men they allege attacked another man with a stick on Myrtle Avenue on Dec. 2. 

The victim told police that the pair allegedly hit him in the head with the wooden bat, before punching and kicking him between Ryerson Street and Grand Avenue at 1:45 pm.

Cops rushed to the scene and collared the two men near Steuben Street for felony assault charges.