Cops cuff man for road rage assault


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Parking brawl

Police arrested a man for allegedly slamming a car door on a guy’s leg while fighting for a parking spot on Fleet Place on Oct. 19.

The victim told police that he and the suspect got into a shouting match over the space between Willoughby Street and Flatbush Avenue Ext. at 7 am, before the crook allegedly punched him in the face repeatedly and slammed the door on his left leg.

Boys in Blue rushed to the scene and cuffed the man on felony assault charges, according to police reports.

Platform scuffle

Some villain punched an elderly man and his wife at the Clinton–Washington Av. subway stop on Oct. 19.

The 82-year-old man and 73-year-old woman told police that they tried to stop the underground rogue from attacking their grandson on the Fulton Street train platform at around 1:45 pm, before the lout socked the man and pushed the woman onto the southbound tracks.

The woman was able to get off the tracks before any train came through, according to police reports.

Choking hazard

Police arrested a man for allegedly strangling a woman on Monument Walk on Oct. 21.

The victim told police that the suspect allegedly choked her and hit her in the face between Navy Street and Park Avenue at 9 pm, before breaking her television.

Police rushed to the scene and arrested the man on felony charges just after 10 pm, according to police reports.


A bus driver was hospitalized after some scumbag threw hot liquid at him on Fulton Street on Oct. 22.

The victim told police that the jerk hurled the roasting drink at his face at St. Felix Street at 12:30 am, burning his eyes.

Paramedics brought the transit employee to Brooklyn Hospital for treatment, according to police reports.


A gang of delinquents stole a teen’s sneakers on Grand Avenue on Oct. 23.

The victim told police that the goons ambushed him and pushed him to the ground at Lafayette Avenue at 6:15 pm, before pulling off his Yeezy shoes and making a run for it.