A brutal mugging on the Billyburg Bridge

Bridge attack

A gun-toting thug tried to mug a 28-year-old man as he walked across the Williamsburg Bridge on July 24, but the courageous victim wrestled the firearm away.

The armed villain confronted his victim at around 4:55 pm, demanding money.

“Pull it out,” the thug ordered, raising his .45 caliber handgun.

But the victim grabbed at the gun, knocking the firearm — and the victim’s $500 watch — to the ground.

The crook grabbed the watch and fled, leaving the gun behind. A passerby found the firearm and brought it to police.


A truck-driving thief stole $13,000 of welding equipment from a Thames Street shop overnight on July 23.

The crooks clipped the chain on the building’s main gate between 8 pm and 6 am, hauling the heavy machinery to a truck parked between Bogart Street and Morgan Avenue, cops said.

Bad fares

Two armed thugs robbed a cabby of his cellphone on July 22, but cops were able to lock up one suspect.

The 34-year-old driver got a call to pick up a passenger on Boerum Street between Graham Avenue and Humboldt Street at around 5:40 am.

When the cabby arrived, one crook distracted him by asking about the fare. As the victim discussed the cost, a second thug pointed a black handgun at the driver and grabbed his company cellphone.

Both crooks fled, but cops caught a 20-year-old suspect later that day.

Wanted: Sidekicks

Williamsburg hoodlums are still lusting after Sidekick cellphones. Thieves snatched at least five of the fancy phones this week alone. Here are the shocking details:

• Cops nabbed a 15-year-old suspected of picking a Sidekick cellphone from a 13-year-old girl’s back pocket on July 21.

The crook grabbed the phone on Walton Street between Harrison and Throop avenues at around 12:30 pm, but police were able to catch a suspect later that day.

• Three thugs attacked a 20-year-old man for his Sidekick on July 21.

The crooks pounced when the victim passed the corner of Boerum and Leonard streets at around 3 pm, attacking him from behind, splitting his chin open with a vicious punch, and escaping with the phone.

• Two screwdriver-wielding crooks robbed a pair of teens of their Sidekicks on July 22 — but cops later nabbed two teenaged suspects.

The thugs confronted their marks at the corner of Ainslie and Keap Streets at around 4:25 am, and demanded that their victims fork over the fancy phones.

Both victims turned over their Sidekicks, but cops nabbed a 16-year-old suspect and a 17-year-old suspect after canvassing the neighborhood.

• An armed man threatened to kill a 15-year-old on July 22 if he didn’t hand over his Sidekick.

The crook confronted his victim at the corner of Humboldt Street and Johnson Avenue at around 3:20 pm and said, “Give me your cellphone or I’ll shoot you,” pressing the gun to the teen’s chest.

The victim handed over the phone and the crook fled.

• Two crooks stole a 15-year-old’s Sidekick inside a Grand Street high school on July 22.

The thieves confronted the victim inside the High School of Enterprise and Technology at around 7:20 pm, and asked him the time.

When he removed his phone to check, one of the crooks grabbed it.

“You’re done with it,” taunted one of the perp. “Fight for it.”

The crooks escaped from the school, which is between Bushwick Avenue and Waterbury Street.

— Ben Muessig