A pizza the action

68th Precinct

Bay Ridge–Dyker Heights

Pizza pop

Two thieves were arrested on Sept. 8 after they attempted to break into Vesuvio Pizzeria on Third Avenue.

Witnesses saw the pizza pinchers try to pry open the security shutters to the pie palace at 73rd Street at 4:10 am, but leave empty handed.

The duo, ages 34 and 39, were nabbed after a search of the area, police said.

Shoulder stab

A 19-year-old jammed a knife into a rival on Sept. 6 during a bloody confrontation at the corner of Fourth and Ovington avenues.

A witness watched in horror as the assailant stabbed his victim in the back shoulder blade during the 8:50 pm scrape. The victim was rushed to Lutheran Medical Center for treatment, and the assailant was arrested following a search of the area, police said.


A creeper sneaked into a Fourth Avenue apartment on Sept. 7, taking a desktop computer and the 30-inch monitor that came with it.

The victim returned to his home between 72nd Street and Ovington Avenue at 10:15 pm only to be greeted by an empty desk.

There were no signs of forced entry, but the bathroom window had been left ajar, police said.

Bike swipe

A free-wheeling thief made off with a 32-year-old’s bicycle on Sept. 9 while it was tethered to a street sign at the corner of Fourth Avenue and Senator Street.

The victim said he left the bike in front of the Department of Social Services building at 1 pm, but it was gone an hour later.

GPS grab

Navigation devices were flying out of automobiles like nobody’s business this week. Here’s the rundown:

• A thief smashed the driver’s side window to a 2007 Lexus left on Ovington Avenue on Sept. 8, taking a digital guidance system and $20. The car’s owner told police that he left the car between 11th and 12th avenues at 6 pm.

• A $200 Garmin navigation device was removed from a 2004 Ford Explorer as it sat on 72nd Street on Sept. 9. The thief smashed his way into the car between Ridge Boulevard and Third Avenue sometime after 12:15 am.

— Thomas Tracy